Swim Snorkel

swimmers_snorkel_lSometimes it takes just a few millimeters of change to make an entirely new product and the front-mount Swimmer’s Snorkel is a prime example of this. Instead of the snorkel coming around the side of the face as it is traditional with a divers snorkel, the Swimmer’s Snorkel exits the mouth and runs straight up over the nose protruding from the water above the head. This enables the swimmer to stay face down in a natural floating position. It can be used with any standard swimming goggle and allows a swimmer of any ability to loosen up in the water and maintain a completely relaxed, face-down floating position, promoting calmness and relaxed, rhythmical breathing. Apart from no longer needing to move your head to breathe, the Swimmer’s Snorkel is quite theatrical, offering a man-made equivalent to the shark’s ominous dorsal fin (albeit in yellow, green or blue), and a spectacular purging process akin to that of a whale spouting. The relaxed, horizontal position allows people to swim at normal or even slower speeds while maintaining a full range of motion. For experienced swimmers, it offers an opportunity to sort out flaws in the technique as it’s possible to eliminate the breathing cycle rotation and work solely on body stability, head position and stroke technique.Watch a Thorpe, Popov or Van Hoegenband and their body stability is like that of a battleship. The manufacturers of the Swimmer’s Snorkel claim dramatic effects from using the snorkel to remedy poor technique – from a floppy, sloppy stroke to cruising stability in one lap in some cases.

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Description of the different kinds of Snorkels:

Simple Snorkel

simple_snorkelSnorkel designs vary based on bore diameter and length, and should be chosen based on a snorkeler’s needs and body type. Generally, the larger you are the larger the diameter of your snorkel should be, as it will allow more air to pass through.

If the bore is too wide, however, it may be more difficult to clear water from the snorkel. The width of a snorkel should not exceed 1 inch (2,5 cm).
Similarly, although longer snorkels allow a swimmer to breath air at a deeper level, they also make it more difficult to take in air and during long dives may cause buildup of stale air in the tube. Most snorkels measure between 12 and 18 inches (30-45cm), but choose one that feels comfortable for you.

Keep your hands away from Snorkels with a closing valve on top as they can cause pendulum respiration!!!

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Description of the different kinds of Snorkels:

Dry Snorkel

dry-snorkelA Valve system , which prevents water from traveling through the snorkel and into your mouth. If in rare situations, water does enter the snorkel, a simple puff of air is all you need to clear the water through the snorkel’s lower one-way valve. it saves you energy and is especially easy to clear for kids and women who have not so much power in their lungs to push it out the top as on a Basic Snorkel.

PS: Be careful with closing systems on top of the Snorkel, they might not work properly or not open all the way so your breath doesn’t get exchanged all the way and you end up floating unconsciously

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Description of the different kinds of Snorkels: