Freediving Apnoea Mask

freediving-maskDifferent from Scuba Diving Masks the volume plays a big roll in Freediving Mask!

Freedivers from all around the world are usually looking for a mask with a low internal volume, the reason behind it is to loose as little air as possible to equalizing & clear the mask. If you’re really keen on checking out what internal volume a mask has in combination with your face profile, you should:

  1. Put the mask on
  2. Submerge your head into water
  3. Let the mask fill with water
  4. Reemerge from the water
  5. Let excess water drip from your face, or dry your face with a towel
  6. Release the water from your filled mask into a bowl
  7. Measure the volume
  8. Compare it to other masks

If you’d like to buy a Freediving Mask have a look at this page!

Explanation and description of the different types of masks:

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